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Chocolate is not just about the happy feeling we get when we eat it. It is a divine gift.  It is a unique way to make memories.

​My passion for creating chocolate began twenty years ago.  I was living in South Florida and preparing to celebrate my son's Bar Mitzvah. We attended an expo and one of the vendors was a chocolatier.  On display was a chocolate skateboard which was the theme of my son's party.  I decided to try to make them.  I went to a candy making supply store, bought a mold and some chocolate. With some instructions from the owner , I went home and made 120 skateboards, bagged and tied them with ribbon.  They were a big hit and my friends and family asked me to create chocolates for them.  Through word of mouth, I started receiving more requests and my "little" hobby became a business.  I eventually opened my own chocolate shop, teaching classes, hosting candy making parties, and selling supplies, creating unique favors, gift items and beautiful gift baskets.  I moved to Las Vegas last year and I am excited to continue my chocolate artistry.

Sue-Ann Sanders

Owner and Chocolatier

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